Thursday May 3rd,1855

Reports: Title/Summary  
‘Frightful Shipwreck’ … 10th May 1855  
  Account of Events, Coroner’s Report, Passenger List  
Wreck of an Emigrant Ship in the Channel' ... 10th May 1855  
  Initial Account oand details of some passengers & survivors  
‘The Loss of the John’ … 17th May 1855  
  Board of Trade Enquiry (Falmouth), Damages Hearing before Magistrates at Plymouth Guildhall  
Loss of the "John" Emigrant Ship' ... 17th May 1855  
  Further particulars and Passenger List  
‘The Wreck of the Barque John’ … 24th May 1855  
  Board of Trade Enquiry (conclusion); Addendum re Mr.Pincombe  
‘Wreck of the John’ … 24th May 1855  
  Proceedings preliminary to the Inquiry re Damages  
‘Wreck of the Emigrant Ship John’ … 7th June 1855  
  Resolution prior to Inquiry re Damages  
Wreck of the John’ … 28th June 1855  
  Special provision by Count Treasury re Church expenses  
  Award of burial expenses to St. Keverne 14th July 1855  
‘Wreck of the John’ … 2nd August 1855  
  Summary of Trial  
‘Loss of the John … Trial of the Captain for Manslaughter 2nd August 1855  
  Transcript of Trial of Captain Rawle  
‘Robbing the Dead’ … 2nd August 1855  
  Summary of Trial of Two Cornish persons for Robbing a Body  
Letter From Quebec  
  Letter from Passengers of the Siam  
Crew List and Agreement  
Passenger List  
  Alphabetical list of passengers; further information re. Origin, familiy, censuses, etc.  
Index of Principals  
  Index of all other persons involved in, or referred to, in the above reports  
Further Material
The Manacles …  
  Where are they and what are they?  
Barques …  
  What are they and description of ship and sails as referred to in reports  
The Rawle Family …  
  Who were the owners of the John? Picture of Bodmin Gaol and what happened to Edward Rawle?  
William James ELLERY …  
  Ship's Carpenter  
John Bickle PHARE …  
  Diary of a Survivor  

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   Further information on shipwrecks of Cornwall and emigration to Canada.
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